Friday, 31 October 2008

Walls Street Journal bullish on Irish stocks

Respected US publication the Wall Street Journal published this piece yesterday entitled "Ireland's Battered Stocks Deserve Investors' Attention".

Nice to see that not every overseas commentator is downbeat about Ireland Inc.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Report Published on the Pensions Green Paper

We made a submission to the Government last June on the future of Irish pensions, as part of the Green Paper submissions process. See here.

All the submissions have now been received and examined. The Consultation Report has now been published and can be viewed here. Warning - it's a 3.2MB download, so only recommended for those with faster internet connections unless you want to nip off to have a cup of tea while it downloads.

Nice to see some of our suggestions featured in the report.

Article by Warren Buffett on why he is investing now

Here's a link to read an article by Warren Buffett, originally published in the New York Times on Friday 17th October 2008. In it he details why he's actively buying US shares at present and if valuations continue at their current level, why he'll have 100% of his personal net worth invested in US equities shortly.

This is a man who has over 60 years' investing experience and who has accumulated a fortune that makes him the wealthiest man on the planet.

It might give some food for thought to anyone who's thinking about suspending their pension contributions or switching to cash due to the current market turbulence.