Monday, 4 December 2006

Extension to SSIA into pension scheme

The Revenue have extended the deadline date for people who want to re-invest some of their SSIA in a pension and avail of the special incentive scheme. The extension applies to those whose SSIAs matured in May, June, July or August 2006 - all such people have until 31st December 2006 to avail of the new scheme. Anyone with an SSIA that matures from September 2006 onwards has three months in which to avail of the scheme.

Under this scheme, a qualifying applicant can re-invest up to €7,500.00 of their SSIA maturity into a pension plan and the Government will top it up by 1/3 to a maximum of €2,500.00. Certain conditions apply and these are detailed on the Revenue leaflet available on the Revenue website here.

We have some interesting deals available to those who want to avail of this incentive. Ask for details.

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