Friday, 20 March 2009

Permanent TSB service levels

I hear that Permanent TSB are currently processing mortgage applications with a delay of about sixteen days. In other words, if you send something to them in connection with a mortgage application today, it may well be the first or second week of April before it gets looked at.

If I assume that this is not because the property boom has suddenly restarted while I was sleeping, it's presumably because they cut staff numbers.

But in a time when there's less mortgage business to go around, wouldn't you think that it would make more sense to improve service to help win business, rather than go the other way?


Gerard said...

The mortgage department are probably up the walls servicing requests to make alterations to existing repayments.

Of course, the cynical answer is that they really do not want to lend. Hmmmm!!!

Liam D. Ferguson said...

Probably correct on both counts, though I hear there were lay-offs also.