Thursday, 23 April 2009

Government-backed investing in Ireland Inc.

For those of you with a low tolerance for taking risks with your money, the options for investing your cash are thin on the ground. You can leave your money on deposit, but with interest rates falling, so are your anticipated returns. There are a handful of Tracker Bonds out there but you need to make sure you understand the participation rate, what's being tracked and the final year averaging clauses before parting with your hard-earned.

A new option has surfaced recently - investing in Government Bond funds. Such funds effectively loan money to the Irish Government on pre-arranged terms, i.e. at a fixed rate. As long as the Irish Government can honour their commitment, your money is secure.

Eagle Star were first to market with two such funds - the Irish Government Bond 2012 fund, which should return 12.1% on 5/3/2012 and the Irish Government Bond 2016 fund which should return 38.1% on 18/4/2016.

New Ireland followed with the 2014 Government Bond Fund paying a 4% coupon and maturing on 15 Jan 2014 and the 2016 Government Bond fund paying a 4.6% coupon and maturing on 18 April 2016.

All quoted returns are before deduction of charges and tax (if applicable) so make sure you buy from a broker who offers competitive deals on charges. (Like us!)

Investments can be made with lump sums or by way of a lump sum pension contribution or Approved Retirement Fund.

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