Thursday, 11 June 2009

Tax Relief on Life Assurance

I'm surprised that life assurance companies don't spend more money advertising this, but if you want something done, you might as well do it yourself! There is a form of life assurance policy that can qualify in full for tax relief at your highest rate, which can therefore knock up to 41% off the cost. In some instances you can also claim back Employee PRSI relief on the premium.

Such policies are available to the self-employed and those in non-pensionable employment (i.e. in employment but not in an Occupational Pension Scheme.) One fact that is not widely known is that if you contribute to a PRSA, you are deemed by Revenue to be in non-pensionable employment, even if your employer contributes to your PRSA. So you would still be eligible to hold a tax-efficient life assurance policy.

Some points to note about life assurance policies on which you can claim tax relief: -

(1) They only provide cover on death and have no value except on death.

(2) They cannot be assigned so you can't use them as security for a mortgage or other loan.

(3) You cannot have a joint policy, although if you and your partner are both self-employed or in non-pensionable employment you can each have such a policy.

If you're eligible and are seeking to protect your dependents at a reasonable cost, this is definitely worth enquiring about.

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