Monday, 12 October 2009

Pensions - you can go your own way

I was at a Standard Life presentation today and one of the speakers noted that since Standard Life launched their Synergy platform in 2006, they now have over 1,200 Stocktade accounts containing an average of €45,000 each.

Stocktrade is Standard Life's chosen stockbroker for their self-directed pension contract. Using the Standard Life / Stocktrade platform, we can set up pension plans for clients allowing them to mix their fund between managed funds, cash deposits, direct property (which they choose) or shares, ETFs and bonds of their own choosing.

Interesting that Irish pension clients have chosen to entrust €54 million via Stocktrade into shares, ETFs and bonds of their own choosing. Far from being a niche product for the High Net Worth customer, self-directed pension funds are now coming into their own as something open to everyone - Personal Pensions and Buy Out Bonds included.


aztrix said...

Howzit Liam?

When is the deadline for 2009 pension contributions?


Liam D. Ferguson said...

Hi Bruce,

Assuming you're submitting your return and paying online, the deadline date for 2009 is November 16th, so we'd need to have any contributions by November 15th.

If you want to arrange a contribution, drop me an e-mail or give a call (01) 6896804. Cheers, Liam