Monday, 23 May 2011

No PRSI on Employer PRSA

I know - snappy title. The Department of Social Protection have confirmed that contributions by an employer to a PRSA do not generate a PRSI liability for the employee. Such contributions do, however, generate a USC liability.

In clarifying this, the powers that be have gone less than half-way to rectifying a known anomaly between PRSAs and Occupational Pension Schemes. Employer contributions to Occupational Pension Schemes are not a Benefit in Kind and therefore do not generate a liability for the employee in respect of tax, PRSI or the USC. Employer contributions to a PRSA are a Benefit in Kind and, while tax relief offsets the tax and now the PRSI liability has been removed, the liability to the USC remains.

When PRSAs were launched, less than eight years ago, they were designed to be low-cost, transparent, portable pension savings vehicles that would encourage more people to save for their retirement. Why the Government is now discriminating against them in favour of the older type Occupational Pension Schemes is beyond me.

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