Monday, 9 February 2009

Eagle Star Zurich - a good news story

In the current climate, I'm almost relieved to read some good news stories from time to time. Eagle Star / Zurich's new business in 2008 was actually up by 1% on 2007, despite the difficult year. This was largely driven by pension & PRSA sales which pulled the overall average up - other areas like Mortgage Protection life assurance were understandably down.

Credit where it's due - we've enjoyed a good working relationship with Eagle Star for many years and I'd suggest that their trend-bucking performance is largely attributable to consistently above-average fund performance, excellent online platform and a strong PRSA contract.

With hindsight, they have done themselves favours by steering clear of exotic and over-complex investments (e.g. ISTC) in favour of good old-fashioned stock picking.

More details can be read here.

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