Thursday, 12 February 2009

Public Service Pension Levy - some sense prevails

I blogged last week here about the possibility that the levy could cause some people to reduce their pension contributions. Thankfully, my fears in this regard have turned out to be unfounded.

The following is the latest information available about the levy, with thanks to Eagle Star / Zurich: -

We (Eagle Star / Zurich) have been asked a number of questions in relation to the levy and its impact on pension contributions. We contacted the Revenue and have just received the following answers:

Q1. Are these levies regarded as pension contributions or as a separate levy / taxation?

A. The levy will be regarded as pension contributions.

Q2. Do the levies form part of an employee's age related contribution limits?

A. No, they do not form part of the employee's age related contribution limits.

Q3. Will the levies be applied to an employee's gross salary or net salary after the deduction of any employee / AVC contributions?

A. They will be deducted from the employee's gross salary, net pay arrangement to be operated.

Q4. Do the levies qualify for tax relief & what happens to anyone earning over the 2009 earnings cap of €150K?

A. Yes, tax relief is available, see 3 above. No restriction with reference to €150K earnings cap.

Q5. Is this proposal contingent on Union agreement & what timeframe are we looking at?

A. This proposal comes into effect on 1st March 2009.

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